Rembrandt Charms – Sterling Silver and Gold Charms

Announcing a large collection of gorgeous charms from Rembrandt charms. Choose from thousands of gold charms and sterling silver charms. We have charms for every occasion from birthday, marriage anniversary, your favorite sport, tourist place or pets. In the words of Rembrandt Vice President,

“The beauty of a charm bracelet is that it is a timeless collectible that can be passed down for generations. Each charm tells a unique and personal story that can be sentimental or amusing.  Charms are credited as the first form of jewelry, dating back to 560 B.C. and capture moments in time unlike any other jewelry.” – Eric Lux, Vice President, Rembrandt Charms

Here’s our curated list of charms for your delight.

Mother’s Day Rembrandt Charms

mothers day charm

Mothers day is just around the corner on 12th May. She made you into this awesome human being. Express your gratitude through a cute mother’s day charm. Personalize it by engraving your own words. All charms are available in gold & sterling silver.

Mother We Love You Heart Charm 2851

Heart Charm

Love defines human beings. It knows no boundaries. Express your love with wide collection of Rembrandt heart charms. Engrave this charm with a message to make it your own. Choose from sterling silver or gold charm.

I Love You Heart Charm 4515

Mother Daughter Charms

If you’re a mother or daughter, you know Mother-daughter bond is one of the strongest connections two people can share. Now even science supports this. Celebrate this bond with specially made mother-daughter charms. Engrave it to make it your. Available in gold and sterling silver.

Mother Daughter Hearts Charm 3567

Travel Charms

Traveling is the best way to get out of your comfort zone and experience life in a whole new way. Commemorate your travel with travel charms by Rembrandt. Be it Eiffel tower or Bahamas, we’ve got charms for you. Rembrandt travel charms are available in gold and sterling silver.

Large Eiffel Tower Charm 2345

Dog Charms

Show off love for man’s best friend with our unique dog charms. Be it poodle, scottie, german shepherd or bulldog we’ve got charm for everyone. Explore all the Rembrandt dog charms. Choose from sterling silver charm or gold charm.

Poodle Dog Charm 3044

Cat Charms

They’ve already conquered Youtube. Now they’re out to conquer our charms. Express you feline love with Rembrandt cat charms. These charms are available in sterling silver and gold.

Siamese Cat Charm 8224

Car Charms

The bond between man and machine is timeless. If talk about cars cheer you up then we’ve got charms just for you. Show off your love for cars with Rembrandt car charms. These Rembrandt charms are available in gold and sterling silver.

Volkswagen Beetle Charm 3637

Sport Charms

Get the adrenaline going with March Madness. Show off your love of the sport. Be it baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse or any other sport. We’ve got a Rembrandt charm for you. Our sports charms are available in gold or sterling silver.

Flat Basketball Charm 7786

And much more..

That’s not all folks! Explore our entire collection today.

SPECIAL OFFER: Free engraving and shipping for Gold Charms.

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