Why Fabri?

Our History

Fabri Fine Jewelry, Ltd. has been selling quality jewelry to the people of the Pacific Northwest since 1983. Our reputation was quickly earned for the quality of our designs and the skills of our craftsmen in working with gold and precious gemstones. At Fabri we continue to create many one-of-a-kind items for you to enjoy. Using the finest materials, gemstones unmatched in beauty, and the skilled hands of our artisans we can insure that you have something truly unique. 

Fabri Fine Jewelry

The name Fabri is Latin for “Highly Skilled Artisans” – a name we more than live up to.

 Along with our ability to create unique items we can also offer fine jewelry from some of the finest designers in the world. We offer a fantastic selection of jewelry from renowned designers at very affordable prices. We are extremely proud of our reputation in both this community and the jewelry world at large. And with every item that we sell, you have our personal guarantee of satisfaction and value.

At Fabri you will find that our attention to detail is second to none.

 With the combined experience of our working professionals your purchase with us will prove to be enjoyable and hassle free. We realize that there are a lot of places that you can purchase quality jewelry and this motivates us to provide you with the finest service, the broadest selection with the greatest value.

Our Future

Fabri Fine Jewelry

The future is bright at Fabri Fine Jewelry! We are very excited to incorporate Shopping Online with the traditional In-Store shopping experience. Through our website we are able to show our online shoppers our store, our helpful staff, and the wide array of beautiful jewelry. Today’s shopper is looking for a large selection to choose from, competitive internet pricing, and excellent customer service. They would also like to purchase from a company or individuals with whom they have had a positive experience. 

Relationships with our customers have always been our most important asset.

 We have served generations of customers who have become extended members of our family at Fabri Fine Jewelry. Through their patronage and referrals, we have built a loyal following since 1983 and we treasure these individuals.

Selection is the strength of our website.

 We are able to show our clientele the vast inventory of the jewelry designers that we represent, order online, or arrange to view the jewelry in the store. Fabri feels strongly that while today’s shopper would like to do their research online the majority of jewelry shoppers would like to see it in person before purchasing.

Internet Pricing is something to be embraced not feared! 

Fabri has aligned itself with designers that create beautiful jewelry and offer some of the finest values in our industry. Our loose diamond prices are competitive with the major on line diamond websites. Choose your diamond from our selection online, compare the pricing, and make an appointment to see the diamond in our showroom. You no longer have to buy the diamond online (sight unseen) and view at your kitchen table to get great online pricing.

Service is our strength.

 We are there for our clients to make sure that their positive shopping experience is long lasting! Whether their ring needs sizing, gemstones need tightening, or prongs need to be re-tipped we are here to help. Fabri offers expert repair service and is here to help whatever the need.

Our Showroom & Open-Case Concept

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Fabri Fine Jewelry

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Fabri Fine Jewelry

Our Showroom

You get the best of both worlds! When you walk into Fabri Fine Jewelry you experience the clean contemporary feeling of a fine jewelry store. We have wonderful fashion designs in many colors and styles which allow you to find the perfect gift or compliment to a wardrobe. If you are looking for an engagement ring or wedding band you will have the choice of picking out the perfect ring that is ready to go or browsing among the hundreds of rings on display.

Open Case Concept

Fabri features an open concept with hundreds of ring designs on display for you to choose from. With our open cases you can try the rings on by yourself without feeling rushed without needing any assistance. You can even find details that you like on separate models and combine them to create your own special engagement ring!